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Establishing A Program To Deal With Hazardous Waste

Anytime a business produces hazardous waste from production processes; there must be a program in place to properly handle the material. Not all hazardous materials are the same and dealing with them needs to be tailored to the material and the law. Consider the following points if you produce a product that leaves you with a hazardous waste product.

Safe Handling 

The priority with any hazardous material is the safe and careful handling of the product. This starts at the point that the by-product or waste is created. You must have a policy in place that lets employees know exactly how to handle the material and if there is safety equipment required to do so. 

Hazardous waste does not have to be volatile; it just has to be a material that is dangerous to people or the environment. Make sure you have an MSDS (material data safety sheet) on hand so information about the material is readily available and everyone that works with the material is fully trained to handle it properly.

Safe Storage of Hazardous Waste

Storing a waste product for disposal in larger quantities is not uncommon. It is a good way to reduce the cost of transportation, but it does mean that you have to have a place to store it that protects the material from the elements and contamination. If the waste is a liquid that is stored in tanks, a catch basin or dike might be required. For dry materials, a warehouse space could be the solution. You have to evaluate the storage required based on the material and prepare your containment and storage appropriately. 

Transportation Of Waste

Transporting the hazardous waste off-site to be disposed of correctly is something you will need to work out as well. Hiring a trucking company to move the freight is fine but make sure you tell them what needs moving so they can coordinate drivers with the proper licenses for the job. Once the material is on the truck, it is their responsibility to handle it properly but it is still your waste, and you are still responsible for making sure it gets where it is going. 

Proper Disposal

Once the waste is delivered to the processor to be appropriately disposed of, you have finished your job. The processing facility can not take the hazardous material and break it down for disposal. There are many different waste materials and methods of disposal and processing that this depends on what the waste is. Deciding where the waste goes to be processed will depend on what it is. 

Contact a hazardous waste management service for more help.