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3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Grease Trap In Your Industrial Kitchen

When you run an industrial kitchen, one of the many things that you are responsible for is setting-up and keeping a grease trap clean. If your business is connected to a city water system, there are more than likely business ordinance in place that you have to follow in respect to using a grease trap. Even if your business has its own water supply, you still don't want grease getting into your septic tank. A grease trap is essential for any commercial kitchen set-up. 

1. Set-Up a Cleaning Routine

The first thing you can do is set-up a cleaning routine for your kitchen. You don't want grease from the pots and pans that you cook with to be getting into your grease trap. You can take care of this by setting up grease buckets that your cooks scrap the grease into before they put the pots and pans into the kitchen. Set up a station or area in your kitchen for this task, and make sure that all the cooks are trained to scrape the grease out of pots and pans before washing them off. Be sure to follow up and reinforce this routine. Keeping grease out of your grease trap in the first place is one of the best things you can do.

2. Throw Away Scraps

When you bring back dinner's plates, do not rinse the food down the down. Food pieces can cause your grease trap to fill up and get clogged. Small pieces of food reduce the efficiency of your kitchen's grease trap. Make sure that all of your employees that buss the tables know to scrap the food off the plate and into a trash or compost bin. Rinsing off the plates in the sink should be used to remove only the tiniest of food parts; it should not be used as a way to break up all the leftover food that comes out of your kitchen.

3. Hire a Professional Grease Trap Service

Finally, partner with a professional grease trap service. Set-up a cleaning and maintenance schedule for them to come out and clean your grease trap on a regular basis. Don't wait for your trap to get full to clean it; have a set schedule in place. This will ensure that your grease trap never gets filled-up or damaged. You may also want to see if this professional grease trap service can also jet your drains on a regular basis to ensure that all your plumbing to the grease trap works as effectively as possible. 

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