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Propane's Unique Properties and How They Benefit You

Propane has long been used for grills and cooking food. Once upon a time, its cousin, natural gas, was the main gas for heating, but then propane began gaining ground. Due to its many properties, propane has become widely used and so very popular. Here are the unique properties of propane and how propane can benefit you.

Much Cleaner Burning Fuel

Natural gas is the stuff that comes straight out of the ground. Propane, on the other hand, is a byproduct of constantly refining crude oil. The gas extracted from the refinement process is highly filtered and therefore does not have the dirty particles that natural gas has. Because it burns so clean, furnaces last much longer and there is little to no air pollution as the result. Propane is a little less explosive than natural gas, too, which means that propane leaks are not likely to explode in the same way as natural gas. Propane is not as violent a gas in that regard.

Less Stink

Natural gas comes from the ground and is a fuel in its rawest form. Some people say that it stinks as it exits under pressure from the ground. Others say you cannot smell it all, but rather you just get dizzy and fall over from inhaling too much of it by accident. For those with sensitive noses, it does not take much to smell the natural gas. For those who cannot smell it as well, companies add a Sulphur component so that everyone can smell it.

Propane, on the other hand, does not smell at all after it has been collected together in an oil refinery. Even people with really sensitive noses state that they can barely smell it. Less stink is a good thing.

Propane Can Generate Electricity as Well as Heat and Air Condition

Propane is unique in that it can generate electricity, create heat, and help cool air. In a propane generator, the generator uses the propane as fuel to create electricity. In heating, it supplies a burnable fuel source. In air conditioning, it replaces refrigerant to create cold air, especially when the propane is suppressed by pressure in containers meant for that purpose. You could literally run all of these systems in your home on just propane, plus there are propane water heaters now. Every major system of your home could run on propane if you wanted them to.

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